KEST develops innovative high power, long cycle life, eco-friendly mechanical energy storage technology for industrial applications.  KEST offers higher power density, faster recharge, and longer cycle life than any battery technology


Higher Power

Higher total power(up to 1000 kW) and power density (kW/kg) of a single unit than any energy storage based on the battery technology

Superfast charge and discharge

Full discharge or charge in less than 30 seconds

Longer Cycle Life

Unlimited number of 100% DOD cycles without degradation throughout the whole service life of 25 years

Lower Cost

One of the lowest costs ($/kW) among any energy storage technology due to high power, use of commodity materials and long service life of the product

Eco friendly and sustainable

Manufactured using non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials, easily recyclable once the service life is over

Накопитель кинетической энергии — KEST Kinetic Energy Storage
Kinetic Energy Storage


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Hybrid Energy Storage (Batteries+ Flywheel)

Port Cranes’ Energy Recovery


Electric Grids Auxiliary Services

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Electric Rail Vehicles Brake Energy Recovery


Renewable and Distributed Energy Sources Integration

Virtual Power Plants

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