Kinetic Energy Storage


KEST has developed a unique superflywheel-based energy storage system with wide range of industrial applications including electrical grids and infrastructure. Our energy storage system survives unlimited number of high-power 100% SOC discharge cycles without degradation or loss in capacity, while being completely eco-friendly and operationally safe.

Накопитель Кинетической Энергии — Супермаховик — KEST — Superflywheel — Kinetic Energy Storage


The two key elements of Flywheel energy storage (FES) are superflywheel and powerful electric motor/generator
  • At the core of FES lies superflywheel –  a next-generation flywheel made of a solid core (hub) and multiple layers of high-strength steel ribbon wound around it

  • A single FES unit may contain one or multiple superflywheels to adjust energy capacity depending on the application

  • Unique properties of the superflywheel make our storage unit completely operationally safe



Higher Power

Higher total power(up to 1000 kW) and power density (kW/kg) 

Superfast charge and discharge

Full discharge or charge in less than 30 seconds

Unlimited number of cycles

Unlimited number of 100% DOD cycles without degradation 

Longer Service Life

Long  service life of 25 years

Lower Cost

One of the lowest costs ($/kW) among any energy storage technology 

Eco friendly and sustainable

Manufactured using non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials, easily recyclable once the service life is over

Complete operational safety

Explosion-and bursting proof

Immediate switch from charging to discharging

Switch in less than 30 milliseconds

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Technical information

  • Energy capacity – 5 kWh

  • Power – 100-1000 kW

  • Voltage – 380V (AC) 400-1000V (DC)

  • Energy efficiency – 80-95%

  • Weight – 800 kg

  • Size – 1200mm Х 600mm Х 600mm


Operating principles

FES captures and stores electrical energy by converting it into kinetic energy of the spinning flywheel
  • To capture the energy electric motor spins up the flywheel (transforming electrical energy into kinetic energy of the rotating flywheel) 

  • To store the energy electric motor is disengaged and superflywheel spins freely inside the chamber with low pressure

  • To release the energy electric motor switches to a generator mode and uses the kinetic energy of superflywheel’s rotation to spin the rotor and generate electrical energy

Принципы работы Накопителя кинетической энергии KEST — Kinetic Energy Storage Operating principles

Forming an energy efficient enterprise model based on the data received from PowerBox

With the help of specialized software, on the basis of the data received from the Power Box, a mathematical model of the energy efficiency of your enterprise is being built. A comparative analysis of electricity consumption with and without the use of the Kinetic system is carried out.

And also there is a programming of the control system for a specific consumer.


Project status

  • Three generations of working prototypes produced and refined

  • FES performance, efficiency, and safety even under the most extreme conditions  confirmed by multiple tests

  • Necessary design and technical documentation for mass production developed

  • Production of a FES unit for piloting and field testing launched


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